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Weekly Mindfulness Qigong at Jesus Green on Saturday mornings at 10.30am (between the tennis and the ice cream) 🙆🏻‍♂️

Weekly Saturday Morning Qigong in Cambridge

May 22, 2021 – Oct 30, 2021

Over 25 years Patrick Baigent has distilled the essence of mindfulness and qigong training into something simple that will work for anyone to improve peak performance or clear health issues. He trained with several Chinese Zhineng Qigong masters, in methods used at Dr Pang Ming’s famous ‘Medicine...

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Buy the Practical Guidebook; 'The Gears of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Mindfulness Therapy'


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2 years ago
Deeply relaxing! A very expansive and healing experience! Loved it! I highly recommend Patrick to anyone who wishes to expand their self-awareness and wellbeing through Mindfully Experiencing the Here and Now. Patrick made me feel very safe, comfortable and welcomed to sink in the mindfulness experience. I found Patrick's guidance deeply supportive, compassionate and skillful to facilitate me to go deep in relaxation and self observation! The session is of perfect timing (90mins), this enabled me to deeply feel and be! I experienced a deep sense of relaxation after the session!
- Claire G

Mindfulness Process Therapy & Qigong

Mindfulness is not always easy to learn in a group, especially if we suffered childhood trauma. After 25 years exploring meditation following a traumatic childhood I developed Mindfulness Process Therapy. That's why I'm particularly interested in helping those who suffered adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Mindfulness alongside trauma can bring up related issues with stress, tension, over-thinking - especially with relationships, boundary issues, and how we manage the letting go of trauma survival strategies to become assertive and respond in a safe way to narcissism and the survival strategies of others.

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